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Injured in a car accident

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If you reside in Maryland, you will be covered through PIP. Maryland PIP is the short name for Maryland Personal Injury Protection. It is coverage that the insured purchases with a liability policy in the State of Maryland. PIP is used to pay medical bills for people who are injured in a car accident. PIP can be collected even if you caused the car accident. Benefits for medical bills are available even if these bills or wages are paid by another source. This coverage extends only to those individuals who were in the vehicle that the PIP policy covers.

PIP can also extend to pedestrians injured in an accident with cars in the State of Maryland. Generally PIP is available to everyone in the vehicle at the time of the car accident regardless of whose fault the accident was. Maryland PIP, for a Maryland resident will apply even if the accident occurs outside the State of Maryland. 

If you were injured in an accident, and if you are experiencing pain, please call us immediately.
We specialize in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and if you were diagnosed with a fracture, or other internal injuries, then we can co-manage your treatment with your medical doctor.  The mode of treatments for these injuries are chiropractic and physical therapy.  

The most common types of personal injury are road traffic accidents.  We treat patients that have been injured from car accidents.  Most people are not able to afford a doctor and not everyone has medical insurance.  Fortunately, with our clinics, it does not matter whether you have medical insurance or cannot afford a doctor.  Injured victims have the option of being treated on a lien basis.  To be treated on a lien basis means that your doctor will not require you to have medical insurance or to pay up front or at the time of treatment.  Instead, your doctor or other medical provider will treat you now and wait to be paid after your personal injury case is completed.  In exchange, you will grant the doctor a lien against your recovery in your personal injury case, as a form of security for the doctor so that he or she is assured that they will be paid out of any financial recovery in your case.

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